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Patrice Spencer-Humm has worked in the pet industry for the past four years working closely with pets and owners.  The pamper packs have been designed with owners and pets in mind to help uplift and enlighten.

Belinda has worked in the photography industry for the past eighteen years, owning her own photography business, working with Billabong, Roxy and Wonderbra.

Honna is currently studying as a student at the Southern Institute of Technology in Level 5 film-making, and has worked in product photography and freelance photography.

Patrice Spencer-Humm is the owner of Haven and Ark.  I am a true Southlander with my whakapapa being embedded with ties to Kai Tahu.  Further I have  strong Celtic connections with Scottish history from the Shetland and Orkney Islands. I am a mother of five tamariki where my Husband and I Robert have raised them   suc successfully over the last 24 years.  The raising of the children has taught me about self care and the importance of making it a daily practice to ensure happiness and fulfillment t in your life.  I also was fortunate to work in the Pet Industry where I dealt directly with Pet Owners and Pets and the grief associated with the passing of pets.   Therefore the pamper packs have been curated and designed to honoring yourself and your pets.   The business values are based on; imagination, insightfulness and inspiring photography and gifts to enlighten and uplift people's lives.  The team of Patrice, Belinda and Honna bring professionalism, joy, kindness, energy and mindfulness. 

The team of Haven and Ark values are to bring encouragement, enjoyment, enthusiasm and professionalism to your photography sessions.

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